Founded in 2008, our head offices are in 1 Royal Exchange, next to the Bank of England and in the heart of the Square Mile in the City of London. 


We are fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Our FCA number is 479827.


You are 100% protected from us defaulting. We use FCA regulated custodians to hold all clients funds and portfolios.

We can help, if you hear yourself saying...

I don't have the time/knowledge

Most investors are missing golden investment opportunities. Unless you are spending several hours each day looking at the stock market, the chances are that your share portfolio could be growing faster with professional help.

I'm not happy with idle cash sitting in the bank

Low interest rates are here to stay. With rising inflation there's never been a better time to take idle cash out of the bank and to make it work for you. The good news is that the stock market has consistently provided better returns for investors than cash.

I want more income/growth from my ISA or SIPP

With a few simple changes, most investors can improve the dividend income and capital growth from their portfolios. They can also pay less tax at the same time by using the right vehicles.

FREE Consultation

A free 15 minute telephone consultation with one of our investment managers who will tell you the simple steps to help you get the most out of your investments.

FREE Consultation

What we do best

We specialise in doing two simple things, and our goal is to do them better than anybody else....

Reduce Risk

  • Reduce your portfolio risk without reducing your profit.
  • Identify and eliminate inefficiencies within your portfolio.
  • Optimally diversify your portfolio.
  • Implement Capital Protection and Hedging strategies.

Boost Returns

  • Increase income via high dividend paying shares
  • Improve capital appreciation with timely research and analysis
  • Take advantage of market volatility 
  • Pro-active investment approach designed to beat the market index

Our Customer Reviews

London Stone advisors are experts on the stock markets, whereas I don’t have necessary time or experience to research possible transactions available.

J Armstrong, Hertfordshire

I wanted somebody to help me manage my investments to give me more time so that I could enjoy my retirement without neglecting my share portfolio

M Down, Bristol

I’ve been working with London Stone for more than 6 years and between us we have been able to accelerate my business.

C Anderson, London

One, if their main strengths is the level of personal service they give to their clients in listening to, discussing and respecting the clients needs.

M Harris, Tonbridge

Overall I am impressed with the friendly and helpful service from the team at London Stone and would recommend them without hesitation

W Hadley, St Ives

How it Works

Portfolio Review.

We will assess your portfolio and identify the things that are working and what needs to be fixed.

One of our FCA approved investment managers will explain how you can improve your portfolio

You decide whether to implement those changes yourself or with our help


If you want us to help you implement those changes, simply transfer your portfolio from your current advisor to our FCA regulated custodian. 

The process takes between 2-3 weeks and we charge no transfer fee to move to us.

You will receive updates and log-in to your new account and we take care of all of the paperwork.

Implement Changes

We conduct a Know Your Customer (KYC) questionnaire to really understand your goals so that we can re-build a portfolio that is right for you.

We discuss and agree with you the changes that will help you to reach those objectives most easily.

We implement the agreed changes and pro-actively manage your portfolio to maximise growth and income.

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