Since 2008 we’ve helped thousands of investors to grow their share portfolios. This has included providing tax advice, financial planning, portfolio management, boosting dividend income, increasing capital growth, implementing hedging strategies to reduce risk and much more.

Unfortunately, not everybody qualifies to use our services because we only work with UK investors who have a minimum portfolio of £200,000.

This means that we haven’t been able to help as many people as we would have liked…. until now.

The London Stone Private Members Club (PMC) is an online membership club for UK investors and is now open to EVERYBODY.




Here are some of the benefits you’ll get when you join:

✅ Monthly Mastermind Classes

✅ Weekly Live Zoom Training Calls

✅ Stock Market Success Videos

✅ Real Trades Analysis

✅ Investment Strategies

✅ How to Boost your income

✅ Increasing Capital Growth

✅ Diversification and Reducing Risk

✅ Money Mindset

✅ Trading Psychology

✅ Top 5 Monthly Stock Picks

✅ Getting Started from Scratch

✅ The Best Investor Platforms

✅ Tax Strategies

But that’s not all….

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We already have an existing library of hundreds of educational videos, seminar, webinars, blog posts, articles and much more….

Some of this material has never been shown before…

It’s not on our website, or on social media – but yet it’s our best stuff ever and we’ve kept it hidden…. for a reason.

It was too valuable to give for free. We used it exclusively ourselves to help our paying clients to grow their portfolios….

This information on the inside can be truly life-changing for you and your family….


If you have an existing stock ISA or SIPP, we can help you accelerate the growth…. here’s how:

FREE Portfolio Review (£200)

  • An FCA qualified investment manager will independently assess your share portfolio across a number of metrics including risk, return, income, diversification and tax efficiency.
  • This means that you can get an honest evaluation of how you (or your current advisor) is really doing. No more excuses, just facts…We’ll show you what you’re doing right and what changes you need to make to get that next level.

Red Flag Warnings - if we identify any ‘red flags’ (high-risk factors) within your portfolio, we will let you know what they are, and what you can do to eliminate them

Tax Planning – we’ll show you how to take advantage of the simple tax breaks that so many people are missing every day.

Fee Assessment – we’ll even check what fees you’re currently paying to make sure that they’re fair for the service you’re receiving.

This is a full review of where you are, where you want to go, and if your current strategy is on track or massively misaligned.

We’ve already helped hundreds of people tweak their strategies which is now saving them thousands of pounds and years of wasted time. We can do the same for you….

In fact, we already do this for our clients. The only difference is that with our online community, YOU are in control. We’ll give you the SAME information as we do to our existing clients who pay us thousands of pounds – but YOU get to choose when to buy or sell.

So, there’s no risk to you.

You can just follow the strategies to see if they make money….and you can invest as much or as little as you like.

Note – we’re not giving investment advice. We’re just sharing our expertise and knowledge. It’s up to you what you do with it. But we recommend consulting with a financial advisor before implementing any changes to your portfolio.

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And there’s more…

  • Dividend Hacks
  • Share Spike Strategies
  • Company Announcements
  • Latest Market News
  • Tax Efficiency including Inheritance Tax Planning

If something is moving, and worth knowing about, you’ll find out about it here first….

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It doesn’t matter if you are an expert or a complete novice – we’ve got you covered. That’s why this is one of the best online investor membership sites anywhere in the UK.

But don’t take our word for it….

If there is one person that we can trust it's a doctor. Meet Dr Stephen White from Belfast and hear what he has to say about us.

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Over 15 years we have built up a very strong, loyal group of followers and now, for the first time, you can be a part of that community. This group has expert investors and traders that you can learn from and share ideas with.

In our community we also have accountants, tax experts, and solicitors. It’s a melting pot of smart people all working towards the pursuit of making their wealth grow.

And everybody is happy to share information with each other. We’re all on the same mission.


REMEMBER - What you’ll get with this exclusive membership club is the SAME research and analysis that our current clients pay us THOUSANDS, even TENS OF THOUSANDS of pounds, for.

But you can join today we have an introductory offer of just £49/month for the London Stone Community with NO fixed contract, and the right to cancel at any time. (normally £199 per month)

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Anybody who has an interest to further their financial education is welcome to join us.

You just need to respect our code of conduct and understand that we work as a TEAM.

We help each other and our collective goal is to be humble, listen, learn and grow.

You’ll be in one of the UK’s most comprehensive investor membership sites.

You can leverage the experiences of expert traders as well as other investor members so that you can bypass all of the expensive lessons and avoid all of the pitfalls.

  • STOP reading investment books
  • STOP going to yet more trader shows
  • STOP trawling through You Tube videos
  • STOP following fake Stock Market ‘Gurus’

Relax. You’ve arrived. You’ve found us. It’s all here, in one place, under one roof.

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We guarantee that we have covered every aspect of investing that you need to have a successful share portfolio.

But if we’re wrong, and your question has NOT already been answered, you have DIRECT access to our Investment Management Team, and so you can ask us ANY question that you need help with.

That’s 121-personal mentoring for less than £50 a month!

Imagine that – we will answer any question that you have about a particular company that you might own, or if you have a tax question, perhaps you want to know about an ex-dividend date, or you have a macro-market related query – whatever it is, you’ll get an answer within just 48 Hours!

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DIP course
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Gold Course
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APPA Course

In addition to all of the above, as a valued member of the PMC, you also get heavily discounted opportunities to enrol on any of our courses.

We currently run 3 courses:

  1. DIP Course – 30 Days Stock Trading Course - £4,950 – PMC Price £2,490
  2. APPA – How to make money in a falling stock market - £295 – PMC Price £165
  3. Gold – How to invest in gold like a professional - £199 – PMC Price £79

Huge discounts are only exclusively available for members of our group – the PMC!

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And you can get our investment books for FREE….

Dividend Income Plus (£35 Amazon) – you get this book for FREE (just pay P&P £4.95)

13 Secrets – (£40 Amazon) – you get this book for FREE (just pay P&P £5.95)

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There’s more and more content being uploaded every week on this membership site…so join now while it’s still amazingly cheap to get on board….

Because with this much value, prices can only go up from here….

Don’t miss out – see you on the inside!

And remember we have introductory offer of just £49/month

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