I was blown away with his generosity....Not once did he ask me for any money...he never tried to sell me anything...

L Mattei, Italy

"My story is quite unique because my girlfriend used to be an au pair for Ranjeet's children. One day Ranjeet invited me for dinner and we got chatting.

I was born and lived all of my life in a little village called L’Acquila, about an hour’s drive from Rome, in Italy. I work as a consultant helping employers with health and safety, but I’ve always been interested in finance. My dad is a retired stockbroker and so I've always wanted to learn about the stock market, but I had no idea about Ranjeet's background.

When I asked him whether he could teach me anything about investing, he shocked me by saying that he would give me a free copy of his DIP book and that I could enrol on his 30-day course for FREE! I was blown away with his generosity. I checked the course price online and it was £4,950! I couldn't believe that he was giving it to me for nothing.

I read the book and a few weeks later I did the full course and found it really interesting. There were so many things that I just didn't know, and the book explained it perfectly. I don't speak English as a first language, but it was written in a way that was easy to understand.

I just wanted to share these few words because most people know Ranjeet as a financial professional, stock expert, businessperson etc. but having spent a bit of time with him that evening over dinner, I saw a very different side. Not once did he ask me for any money, to invest money with him, and he never tried to sell me anything.

He could have asked for maybe a small payment of maybe £200 for the course and I would have said yes, but he insisted that I do it for free. It was just a kind and honest gesture.

I wish him and his family the best for the future. Thank you Ranjeet for re-igniting my interest in investing again and for teaching me about the DIP. "