...It's as good as any strategy you'll find, and if you're looking for dividends it's the best one that I know of...

P Molina, Markyate

I'm fascinated with stock prices and I've read just about everything. I've got more than 100 investment books in my house and I've read them all, some of more than once!

I've been trading since 2012 and I currently used Vectorvest for my trading signals. I also subscribe to Stockopedia, Sharescope and I've joined a number of investment clubs so you could say I've 'been around'. I'm also an active member of my local DIY investment club, where I meet up every month with another 20 investors, at Wallingford.

When I read the DIP book straight away I loved it and it's definitely in my top 10 of all the books that I've read. That's saying something given that I've read books by Warren Buffet and Ray Dalio!

It's quite strange really as the DIP is not a strategy that I would normally consider. I don't like dividends, I'm a buy and hold investor and I never sell - basically I'm the polar opposite of the DIP investor! But something with this strategy really resonated with me. That's how powerful it is.

At least three other people in my club have already bought the book and so the word is spreading fast! And I know it's going to get bigger from here.

I go to all of the investor shows each year, Master Investor Show, London Investor Show, and at least half a dozen trader shows. I love meeting people and I'm constantly reading and learning. As somebody who takes information from everywhere and everybody, I've got a good sense of what works and what doesn't. And I can tell you that the DIP is right up there. It's as good as any strategy you'll find, and if you're looking for dividends it's the best one that I know of.

Just recently I met Ranjeet and his team at the Trader Investor Show in Holborn, Central London. What a great bunch of people they are.

I went to his 30 minute presentation and the room was completely packed, it was so busy. It was one of the most popular talks of the day and at the end Ranjeet got a massive round of applause and everybody wanted to speak to him. He made time for everybody, signing copies of his book and sharing his knowledge.

Brilliant guy, and a brilliant team he's built at London Stone.

By the way, if you don't get a chance to meet Ranjeet in person, make sure you watch his free, online trading videos. I love them - quick to the point, and loads of nuggets in there too!