I've been with the firm for a few months now and they've just blown me away with what they've done.

Tim Ede

My name is Tim and I've been interested in trading shares for quite a while and have a pretty good level of knowledge already. After coming across London Stone Securities, I was very interested in the DIP strategy and got a copy of the DIP Book. I read the DIP book cover to cover within two weeks and enjoyed every minute of it. I like the idea of investing in solid blue-chip companies with dividends, whilst minimising risk and maximising on profits. It just made sense to me straight away. I signed up for the full 30-day online trading course which was brilliant, and which gave even more insight into the DIP strategy. It was hard work but also so rewarding because now I really understand the strategy fully.

My background is that I'm 56 years old, a trio of older kids and a keen road cyclist. I've worked in IT for more than 30 years, so I'm a technically minded person. Technical analysis and spreadsheets come easily to me, and I keep accurate numbers of all my own trades and investments. I even created my own spreadsheet for the DIP strategy calculations which Ranjeet was really impressed with. We met for a coffee and sat down for about 90 minutes going through everything. 

He's a very personable guy and straight away I knew that he and his team were the perfect fit for what I was looking for. I'm heading towards retirement in the next 2-4 years, and I wanted to find a personal wealth management firm that I could really trust and get the personal touch.  For me there's no doubt now that I made the right decision.

Within a few days of moving my share portfolio to LSS, they immediately laid out a complete investment strategy just for me, using the DIP principals, my own risk profile, and what my goals were. They're a great fit for what I was looking for and I'm hoping that we will be working even closer together in the future. 

Before using their services, I had been watching London Stone's online content and always found it useful. I also attended several of their online webinars and was really impressed with their level of knowledge and the community that they've built over the years. It's like a group of like-minded investors all looking to regularly make great profits using a realistic and effective strategy.

I've been with the firm for a few months now and they've just blown me away with what they've done. We have had a lot of success, they’ve identified 14 trades, 10 have completed and made money, averaging between 4-16% return. The other 4 are still open, but they also look positive.  

What's most surprising, is that this has all happened at a time when most people were losing money in the stock market. I regularly watch the news, the recession, high inflation, energy and food bills going up, rising interest rates etc. and then I look at my portfolio and I’m happy. I used to be quite concerned that my investment portfolio wasn’t performing, and whilst I know things are never guaranteed, I’m quite content that it is now on the right track.  

I am so impressed I have already recommended a good friend of mine to LSS as he is in a similar position that I was in 6 months ago. I always knew that I didn't want to work with a big wealth management company and just be a faceless number, they are just too expensive and impersonal. I also didn't want to spend my retirement worrying in front of a screen and managing the minutia of my portfolio. In the end I found just what I was looking for, an independent, honest, UK firm with great knowledge and a family ethos.