..We were losing more than £6,000 a month on inflation from our £750,000 cash savings....then we learned about the DIP and everything changed...

S & M Gatti, Tottenham, North London

My wife, Mimi and I, had recently sold a property and had a significant sum of cash sitting in the bank for several months. With rising inflation we were becoming more and more agitated but really didn’t know where to turn. After considering lots of different firms and investment strategies, we came across the Dividend Income Plus approach, and so I bought the book. As soon as I received it, I read the whole thing cover to cover in one evening.

I was really impressed by the strategy, it just made so much sense. I immediately set up a meeting with London Stone at their offices in Royal Exchange and after all of my questions I just felt sure that this was the firm I wanted to work with. There was no pressure, no sales, just really honest, straight talking. They took the time to really understand our unique position with all of the different parts of our goals, our concerns, and what we wanted.

Within the space of a couple of days we had transferred all of the £750,000 to them. It sounded like a sudden decision but in fact it was a well-thought out decision that started even before we sold the house. We had already considered all of the different risks and it was clear to us that investing in the stock market even with the risk of our capital falling in value, was better than losing money to inflation.

We weren’t disappointed. In the first few days of transferring the funds, our advisor discussed a solid investment plan of how the money could be invested. He gave various options and we both agreed on the one that suited us best. It was exactly what we were looking for. Since then we’ve been receiving regular emails, and the occasional telephone call to keep us abreast of everything. It’s been a really positive experience and we couldn’t be happier.

Mimi and I have never expected huge returns, we’ve always been careful. We just want to beat inflation, get some regular income and a bit of capital appreciation. That’s what we are now getting. With the first few trades London Stone has already exceeded all of our expectations. The first trade was up by more than 50%. I know that’s highly uncommon but it was nice to see was that our advisor didn’t rush and sell it. In fact he told us to be patient and wait for an even bigger return.

We also know that performance is a long term game, not short term. And we expect there to be losses too.

What’s most important for us is what we’ve always been looking for which is peace of mind. Finally with so many financial companies out there trying to get our business, we found a really competent team of advisors who we trust and are doing everything that we expect of them. Investing isn’t the hard part, it’s finding the right firm to work with.